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I have a quick tip for new Ortho4xp users, something I wish I would have figured out earlier. Make sure you open the Ortho4xp CFG file and add you file locations for X plane and your custom scenery. When you do this in conjunction with batch builds, Ortho4xp will automatically add shortcuts in your custom scenery folder. A base mesh creation tool for the X-Plane flight simulator - voyageur/Ortho4XP Getting Started. There are three ways to run the program: If you installed via the pip3 installer, you’ll have an executable named otv available, so you should be able to:. cd into your Ortho4XP directory; run otv; Download the latest release from PyPi or GitHub and extract it into a folder. From the command line, run: Basicly, Ortho4XP is available as freeware in the download database of X-Plane.org. However, it should not be obtained from there. The developer places the current version in his dropbox and publishes the direct link to it in the signature of his profile. Accordingly, you should have a look here. For download, just click the link in Oscar

In the "bin" folder there is an executable "Ortho4XP_V120b.exe". Once you start this program, you need to check the base zoom level. I have it at 16. Higher zoom levels produce finer scenery at the cost of size, download time and frame rates. Then you need to tick "Custom overlay dir" and select your "X Plane 11 Global Scenery" folder.

UPDATED 18.07.2018 A master list of the best Ortho4XP sources for each country THIS LIST IS COMPLETELY DEPENDENT ON YOUR FEEDBACK THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT THREAD FOR ORTHO - PLEASE ONLY GIVE FEEDBACK ON COVERAGE AND READ THIS INTRO BEFORE COMMENTING Some notificationsThere may be several listings fo User manual for Ortho4XP version 1.11 released January 19th 2016 Contents 1 Introduction 2 2 Installation 3 Besides the basic features related to download and attribution of textures, one can list Here again you shouldn’t obtain anything more than a new command prompt. 4. Exit the Python interpreter (e.g. with the command quit()). Download ZIP. Install Ortho4XP on Windows Rtree, Shapely, numpy, numpy_quaternion and pyproj (latest cp37-amd64 versions). When you download these, they come as wheel archive (.whl files). Put them somewhere on your hard disk. mkdir Ortho4XP cd Ortho4XP python --version python -m venv venv venv\Scripts\activate.bat See pics below with and without overlays. Using Ortho4XP and Creating XP11 Scenery with overlays. I learned about some new, to me, features that the users can benefit from in XP11, and I wanted to share them. In my quest, for Nirvana, or something I would be satisfied with, and be able to use XP11 as tool with, I found information that was very confusing and or only parts of it explained Link download ortho4xp: Ola pessoal trago-vos um tutorial sobre o ORTHO4XP Agora sim fica muito mais fácil ter um bom photoreal no vosso simulador fsx, p3d ou x. With the new 1.30 version if you download from the software developer website you DO NOT have to download Python separate its all included in version 1.30. Log in to Reply. The last couple of days I've seen an explosion of users creating photo scenery with Ortho4xp. As I have watched tutorials and played around with it myself I was looking for the sweet spot how to create the nicest resolution tiles, without sacrificing all my storage and render capactiy. I also wanted to make the process as easy and automated as possible so the document shows some resolution Hello, it's been a few years since I was into xplane but I recently reinstalled it but came to realize I deleted all my custom scenery. I had most of NJ and NY sat imagery from ortho4xp but I didnt even have a copy of that anymore. with some frustration I came across ortho4xp links to the google drive from "oscar pilote" but there is no longer a .exe or bin file in the github repository. the

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Hello fellow x-planers! I used some of forkboys OrthoXP tiles, and I enjoyed them in Florida. I tried to install his Cali file a couple of times, and I had trouble. It gave me time to realize that it's probably faster and more practical to just make my own tiles. The problem is where do I download the actual program? I was able to find python easily. An updated and simple tutorial on how to produce Ortho Tiles for X-plane using Ortho4XP 130. Download Orth04XP 130 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PWg Version 1.17 of Ortho4XP is now self-contained for windows users (no need to download Python, modules, Gimp or whatever). Just download and click. Existing users that already have a working set-up Time for me to finally have a look at Ortho4XP in X Plane 11, and what better way than to go ahead and do a full tutorial. In this video I show you how to get Ortho4XP running on your PC, how to

Getting Started with Ortho4XP I have separated this guide from the beginners guide since it is in essence not for beginners. And its kind of long so it deserves its own space.For Your Information: You wont break your sim with Ortho4XP In essence, Ortho4XP is a standalone program and it generates

At the time of this update the latest version is 4.02r2, which included bug fixes, updated translations, and an update scenery option for digital download users. Installer 400 . Initial public version of the X-Plane 11 installer. Installer 401 . Minor fixes included a hang when scanning large scenery installs & Navigraph EULA. Installer 402 Set path to X-Plane Custom Scenery in Ortho4Xp.cfg file. Create shortcut to run Ortho4xp for example: E:\Ortho4XP\bin\Ortho4XP_v120b.exe ; Run Orth4XP; Ortho4xp downloads jpg images and converts them to dds images in the textures folder (e.g. E:\Ortho4XP\Tiles\zOrtho4XP_+50-004\textures). The jpg files are then no longer required and can be The best 3D mesh for X-Plane has been updated to version 4 and it's now available for download. Ready to bring your XP terrain to a new level of detail? Both the HD Mesh Scenery and Ortho4XP are an amazing set of free resources to boost your X-Plane scenery and vastly improve over the default terrain. Download Ortho4XP for free. [DEPRECATED] !!!!! Get the SourceForge newsletter. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive discounts about IT products & services. Get latest updates about Open Source Projects, Conferences and News. Hey guys, I modified Ortho4XP version 1.30 to enable support for FSX/P3D. The main advantage over FSEarthTiles is that water masks are created dynamically and accurately from OpenStreetMap data at extremely high detail (no more slaving over creating accurate water masks).

World2XP overlays vs Ortho Overlays, disabling roads, and other ortho4xp questions By theskyisthelimit , January 14, 2017 in The X-Plane General Discussions Forum Reply to this topic A couple of weeks ago I got interested in working Ortho… Ahojte.Chcel by som skúsenejších poprosiť o radu. Rád by som si upravil XPL 11 orthom a autogenom takým aký je vidieť na screenshote / Rafale C / tu na fóre. Mohli by ste mi prosím poradiť kde viem nájsť a stiahnuť ortho a autogen pre…

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Main Menu • Home • Forums • About Us • Contact Us • Downloads • Membership • General Links • Discord Server • Freq Asked Quest • New Year's Contest • Password Recovery Another motivation is to support simultaneous access by several users to the map layers stored within the same location, i.e. teams Grass 6 in a nutshell 4 The latest releases of OrthoXP (as of the date of the original post) do not need installing Python anymore. OrthoXP is used to create photorealistic scenery (satellite photos), while HD mesh is a higher definition terrain mesh, but uses default X-Plane textures based on some sort of landclass (similar to FSX default scenery).